Thorazine Shuffle “Harry”

1996-thorazine-shuffle-harryI used to hear this song a lot in the mid-’90s. I was never quite sure what the lyrics were about, other than some fellow called Harry. Will the video shed more light on the mysterious Harry?

So, yep, there’s Harry, driving the band somewhere in his vintage car. Cool. Harry drops them off at a vintage shop, where a shop attendant files her nails. This is what bored shop attendants did in the days before Facebook.

Harry waits outside while the band do stuff in the shop. Has Harry employed the boys as his personal stylists, getting them to pick up some fresh threads? But oh dear – the band has been spotted, causing a flock of teen girls to surround the shop. Getting a shopfront worth of extras to appear in a music video is a great achievement. This must be what it’s like for One Direction every single day.

Is this about the music industry? An Aotearoan “Frankly Mr Shankly”? Harry is still a mystery. Perhaps it’s better that way.

Best bit: the lecherous guy outside the shop who rubs his nipple with excitement. What.

Director: Steve Morrison
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… one D and some puppets.

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  1. “Harry” is every every boss you ever disliked. In the video “Harry” is the record company (“Big plans! Big plans, here have little bit of money”) The boys are feeling jaded and would rather go shopping (“Stop the car!”)The rest is an homage to ‘A Hard Days Night’. The shop is now Leatham Art Gallery on Jervoice Rd, Auckland.

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