D-Faction “Down In The Boondocks”

Ok, so D-Faction have taken a folky pop song about the romantic troubles of a country boy and reworked it into a South Pacific reggae song. And that works – small islands can have grotty rural areas just as much as continental countries.

But something weird happens with the video. This cheery song about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks looking for love is illustrated with the band performing the song in a bleak, futuristic industrial setting.

Vent pipes dangle, sparks literally fly and the band are surrounded by ominous-looking grates. And it’s all tinted gold, so it feels like there’s a giant furnace blazing away. Rather than evoking, say, rural East Coast or Northland, instead it’s like they’re prisoners on a slave spaceship, being forced to labour under the cruel eye of an evil overlord.

But despite the video treatment, the song was the highest charting track for D-Faction, enjoying the #10 spot. But just think – if the video had been better, it might have made it to #1.

Best bits: The flames; the fiery flames of fire.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… the kings of dadrock.

4 thoughts on “D-Faction “Down In The Boondocks””

  1. Boo! Mean! Why can’t Sth pacific reggae have cool futuristic industrial noir setting too? Do they ALL have to be ‘up north’ or ‘down the east coast’? 🙂

    Awesomely art directed by Mr Peter McLennan, doing wonders with about a buck fifty.

    1. Aw, I just thought that would suit the vibe of the song better. It could also have a futuristic treatment, but I still wouldn’t go for the industrial look.

      It’s very cool to learn Peter was involved. The setting is really nicely styled!

    1. I reckon there is a New Zealand music video that does the hot, steamy industrial thing much better than this one. It’s NZ pop supergroup 80 in the Shade with their cover of “Heatwave”. Essentially it’s a glorified L&P ad, but the setting works with the lyrics and, er, the product.

      I need to find an excuse to properly review this video!

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