Cicada “Winter”

1995-cicada-winter“Winter” feels cold. It’s a minimalist song dominated by repetitive bursts of a clear, gangly guitar. The video, directed by Paul Swadel, picks up on that and creates a scratchy, moody world.

The band play the song in a dark space. This footage is mixed with scratchy scribblings, which look like they were influenced by the ground-breaking opening titles of 1995 film “Seven”. We also see flashes of binary code, like a low-fi precursor of “The Matrix”.

I’m trying to figure out this video. It doesn’t quite feel like a traditional music video, made to sell, sell, sell the song. It’s seems more like an artistic work that aims to equal the song.

I don’t feel like I can properly enjoy this video on my laptop. It just seems a little underwhelming on YouTube. It should be projected onto a big screen in a dark room, with a bunch of people who don’t need to google “post rock”.

Best bit: the lead singer’s megaphone microphone.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a bleak dystopian future.

2 thoughts on “Cicada “Winter””

  1. This is one of New Zelands great unknown songs.Played loud its beautiful.
    I own this on a lathe cut 7 inch and remember playing some weird monday night gig at the glue pot with these guys where they systamatically blew away every other band and made us look like beginners!powerful!

    1. I get the feeling these guys would have been really good live. And lathe-cut seven inch seems a far better technological match for Cicada than a tinny YouTube video!

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