Found videos from 1995

Let it rain 1995! There’s Supergroove on bikes, funk at the Civic, Lionel’s disappearing act, mean streets, tropical lolz, music with a message, wide lapels and an Auckland story.

February 1995

Supergroove “Next Time”

“Next Time” was the last single Supergroove released in their classic seven-man line-up reforming as  a serious indie band. The “Next Time” video was shot in Sydney, covertly filmed to avoid paying for a filming permit. It’s basically just Supergroove mucking around in Sydney, as well as live footage. It seems to be Supergroove at their happiest, just before they started to get bored with their comfort and success.

Director: Joe Lonie

April 1995

Jungle Fungus “Crushed”

Funk/rock group Jungle Fungus use the dramatic corridors of the Civic Theatre as the setting for their video, but also throw in a slow-motion game of night-time basketball. The one thing that’s missing is an audience. Jungle Fungus seem like the kind of band who would be at their best with an audience so it’s a missed trick to not show that here.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

June 1995

Second Child “Disappear”

John Leigh plays a magician whose crush on his assistant runs into trouble when she has eyes for another man. There’s strong storytelling happening here. Every shot moves the story along, and even the band performance relates to the plot. Peter McLennan (who has a cameo at the beginning) notes that the video was shot in Mercury Theatre, and that “the director had to get approval of the lyrics from the new owners, a church”.

Director: Jonathan King
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Ermehn “Walls of Steel”

This bold mid-’90s hip hop track takes a safe route with the video, going for edgy (sub)urban looking settings. The energy of the video largely comes from the performances of Ermehn and guest rapper Tha Feelstyle. A behind-the-scenes clip of the “Walls of Steel” video shoot briefly appears in Dam Native’s video for “The Horrified One”, a neat bit of mid-’90s Auckland hip hop crossover.

August 1995

Nixons “Laughing”

The last video released by the Nixons, before rebranding as Eye TV. The video has the feeling of a home movie, with handheld camerawork and jump cuts. The footage has also been filtered with bright tropical colours, which probably makes more sense than relying on the reliably grey New Zealand weather.

Director: Sharron Ward
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Moana & The Moahunters “Give It Up Now”

The video for this anti-smoking anthem attempts to make smoking seem uncool and undesirable, but keeps falling back on the same edgy and sexy cigarette scenarios that otherwise make cigarette life seem so desirable.

Director: Kerry Brown
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Lole “Just Wanna”

Lole delivers some danceable ’90s R&B. The video puts Lole in a cool leather jacket and a shirt with super wide lapels and has her perform in front of a billowing purple background. The video also features a trio of dancers and a shirtless shy-guy subject of Lole’s affections.

Director: Mark Tierney
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Kas the Field Style Orator “Hibiscus Milk”

This black and white video tells a story of migration. People moving from Pacific Islands to New Zealand for better opportunities. There’s the reality of the situation – families separated, and finding work cleaning toilets. But there’s also hope for the next generation, shown by kids watching breakdancing in an Auckland suburban street.

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