Eye TV “Eye TV”

1994-eye-tv-eye-tvThe song and the band have the same name because the band used to be called the Nixons and took their new name from their album (and song) called Eye TV. I don’t remember the band from this stage. They had quite a different vibe from their later work.

For a start, Sean the lead singer had long black hair (goth!), and the drummer was Mark, who I used to work with at dirty old Ihug back in the ’90s. In fact, the whole song has a much gothier tone than their later stuff.

The video takes place in a slightly unusual house, where the band hangs out. A box is opened, emitting a mysterious bright light. The video also introduces the ubiquitous mid-’90s colour palate of forest green, deep red, mustard yellow and sky blue. (I had a duvet with these colours.)

The band end up posing as thugs, before dragging the lead singer away. They then assemble for one final rock-out in the colourful room. Then – lol – the lead singer eats a flower.

Best bit: the smashed house of cards. Yeah, take that.

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Next… a smooth boyband.

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