Crash “Red Velvet”

1994-crash-red-velvet-sofaCrash is another mysterious band that managed to show up in the ’90s, release some songs, then vanish without really leaving much of an impact. Yet this video remains as a reminder of what once was.

“Red Velvet” – which appears to actually be an ode to a couch, or possibly a woman who is like a couch – is a poppy but slightly gothy Britpopesque song. That is, a perfectly respectable ’90s song.

The band’s frontwoman spends the verses lounging on a – wait for it – red velvet sofa, in the style of classical tableaux. In these tableaux, she’s joined by a couple of other women who look like they’d live in the Hutt and do medieval reenactments on the weekend.

When the chorus comes around, the action switches to the band. The drummer is steadily playing along, the guitarist is doing a full-on rock face, and the bassist is nervously jigging about, as if someone’s mum has said, “Come on, you’ve got to look a bit more lively than that!”

Best bit: the wind machine owns the dreamy chorus.

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Next… fabulous cheekbones.

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  1. I remember this one – just trying to rack my brain on who was involved – got played a bit on Max TV. Very much a product if the time and influenced by the likes of Canadian band Rose Chronicles. Check out the bass player – he can’t believe he’s in a music video lol!

    Side note – the early-mid 90s were are real watershed of NZ music videos and music, yet to be homoginised and overly slick. Some real poineering stuff both visually and musically. The sooner this stuff gets a decent budget for restoration the better.

    1. Yeah, my impression is a lot of videos were just copying stuff they’d seen overseas, but not having the budget to quite manage it, so it didn’t work so well. But the ones that worked within those limits ended up making really great videos. One of the things I’m hoping for with 5000 Ways is that it will put some attention back on those old videos which will lead to better versions ending up online.

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