Wordperfect “The Wordperfect Show”

2002-wordperfect-the-wordperfect-showWordperfect was Justin Cunningham, a master of MC battles and his identity-establishing single features guest vocals from Tyna Keelan (soon to be showing up here with his duo the Dubious Brothers).

We meet Wordperfect hanging out on the streets, but he quickly switches to a boxing gym where he’s in training for a big fight. With the fairly catchy chorus ordering listeners to “stop, cease, desist, let’s go”, these lyrics take on a slightly sinister overtone when the sight of a dude pummelling punching bags.

The boxing scenes continue with Wordperfect stomping around a ring and no sign of an opponant. There’s also Tyna as the ring announcer, and a ring girl who actually seems to have more work to do than Wordperfect. He won’t even take off his robe, but she’s happily wearing a bikini. The ring girl is up to round five without any evidence of the previous rounds having taken place. Maybe she’s just counting her laps of the ring. Or maybe he’s battling himself.

This attempt for some boxing ring drama is all pretty cheesy. The other shots of Wordperfect – on the street and in a white studio – are far more interesting. This was Wordperfect’s only NZ On Air-funded video, but he continued to collaborate with other artists before moving into the world of web marketing.

Best bit: Tyna’s dapper mannerisms.

Next… wheezecore.