Whiz Kidz “Fine Today”

2003-whiz-kidz-fine-todayWhiz Kidz’s bio on Muzic.net.nz describes the Hamilton band as “pop with twists of ska, electronic, hip hop and rock”, which is pretty accurate. That sounds like the sort of band who would have been pretty fresh in the late ’90s, but in 2003 it’s all starting to sound a bit tired.

Their first single was the lively ska tune “Boyracer” from 2002, while “Fine Today” is has some of the electronica, rock and hip hop sounds in it.

The video takes its style cues from the version of 1950s American teen culture that was revived in the 1970s via films like American Graffiti and Grease, not to mention the almighty Sha Na Na. So it’s the 1950s via the 1970s via the 2000s.

Set at a party, the band play a group of nerds, and there’s also a gang of greaser dudes and a girl group who are like the Pink Ladies, only they’re wearing red.

So what goes on at such a party? Well, the punch is spiked (of course) and there’s a dance-off. The lead nerd goes for a stroll with one of the Red Ladies, who is told off by her gal pal (this is actually coming close to the plot of Grease 2).

More punch drinking and dancing ensues, then the nerds take to the stage and become Whiz Kidz, rocking the party with their ska, electronic, hip hop and rock sounds. The song has a brilliant chorus – incredibly uplifting and epic, so this part works really well.

In the end the nerdy guy gets the girl. But – just like in Grease and Grease 2 – the nerd only gets the cool person when they can prove they’re cool.

Whatever happened to Whiz Kidz? This was their one and only NZOA funded video. By 2006 they had changed their name to News of the World. Well, maybe now they’re known as The Sun on Sunday.

Best bit: the nerds’ concern for the guy who drinks too much and passes out.

Next… a shoop-shoop song.