Wayne Gillespie “Living in Exile”

I started to google this song title and it alarmingly autocompleted as “wayne gillespie living in prison”. A bittersweet twist of fate? No, it turns out “Living In Prison” is a book on the history of correctional facilities written by another Wayne Gillespie.

The real Wayne can be found in the video playing in a Sydney nightclub, with the most enthusiastic video miming I’ve yet seen. It’s a really straight performance video, with the camera never swaying from the stage. At one point there’s a shot of the drummer, who looks like Dave Grohl with a perm, but that’s about the most exciting thing that happens.

Considering that seven years earlier Wayne gave us the sexy urban cool in his “Losing One” video, “Living In Exile” seems really low budget and disappointing in contrast. The lyrics suggest something epic on the open road (and Australia has plenty of epic open roads). Perhaps Wayne has been exiled to the confines of the night club, never to leave.

Best bit: Wayne’s laid-back blue steel.

Next… party on the front lawn.