The Clean “Outside the Cage”

1995-the-clean-outside-the-cageThe fancy NYC styles of “Too Much Violence” are a thing of the past. “Outside the Cage” gets back to low-budget, $5000 styles. According to YouTube user N0ISYLAND, the video is comprised of “Offcuts from Jeff Feuerzeig’s clip for “Too Much Violence”, Super-8 footage of NZ in the ’60s, and some new footage of [David Kilgour] and [Robert Scott] clowning around in Auckland, all hacked together by Stu Kawowski on a low budget tip…”

And indeed that’s what it is. The pair spend a lot of time mucking around hurling paint on a wall (express urself!!), before the action goes indoors and is filmed in fruity psychedlic negative.

This is a perfectly adequate Clean video. They have their fans, and it’s those fans who are quite happy to watch videos using the lazy music video trick of getting the band to hurl paint around. But they could – and have previously – made a much better video.

Best bit: the big splat of red paint.

Director: Stuart Page
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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The Clean “Too Much Violence”

1994-the-clean-too-much-violenceThe Clean take Manhattan, performing in a grungy New York loft with a couple of dwarves. Hamish Kilgour appears to be wearing the blue and white polka shirt from his earlier “No No No” video. Either that or he’s really into polka dot shirts, which I actually think might be the case.

As the band play, some footage of the Kilgour brothers frollicking on a New Zealand hill is projected on a screen behind them. And they’re playing with “Tally Ho” brand playing cards, a nice Easter egg for fanboys.

There’s also some street footage with the bros looking dapper in 1940s-style suits, roaming the streets on bicycles. Hey, they’re 2010s hipsters and they don’t even know it.

It’s one of the better looking videos I’ve seen lately, and I think that’s due to the quality of both the filming and the YouTube clip. YouTube notes it was filmed on 8mm and 16mm and directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, who went to to make the superb documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”.

Best bit: the miniature Beatles figurines in a shop window.

Director: Jeff Feuerzeig
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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