Saccie “Beat 2 Beat”

2004-saccie-beat-2-beatWhen it’s shot well, skateboarding is an exciting visual delight to have in a music video. Sadly, “Beat 2 Beat” opens with terrible footage of an ollie. There’s no follow-though and the satisfying sound of the board landing has been replaced with a sound effect of an explosion. Ugh. Get out of my house.

The rest of the video is rough home video footage of Saccie and a breakdance crew stomping around central Auckland and Saccie performing at a club. But just to confuse things, in the middle of it there’s 25 seconds of animation with somewhat higher production values. Given that animated music videos are notoriously difficult to do well, on time and within budget, did they just give up on the animated stuff and flesh out the rest of the song with the home video?

“Beat 2 Beat” isn’t an especially strong track, but a good video could have sold it more, picked up on its cool grooves. As it is, it’s just comes across as a frustrating, disappointing mess.

Best bit: Saccie’s fourth generation iPod.