Push Push “What My Baby Likes”

Recently a friend expressed surprise that Push Push had more than one single. She was watching the video for their second single, “Song 27”. But there’s even more! “What My Baby Likes” was their third and final single.

Hey, why did we mock Push Push? This video is awesome. “What My Baby Likes” is an extravagant, energetic rock fest, complete with flaming flames of fire, and hair, glorious hair. Mikey Havoc is alive with pleasure, and he could teach the Hoi Polloi lady a few things about appearing energetic without hamming.

It’s so joyous, and Havo totally sells the cheesy lyrics – “We made love in the Himalayaaaaas!” The video has a small plot with the appearance of an actual baby, and the suggestion that he is responsible for all the fire.

Push Push had toned down from their teen glam metal days and were going for more of a grunge look, but the excesses of the grunge era were fast falling out of favour to the more stripped down and “authentic” grunge-era. The flaming flames of fire? They were burning the last strands of glam.

Best bit: Mikey’s shorts ‘n’ flannel shirt combo.

Director: Chris Mauger
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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