Pop Art Toasters “What Am I Going To Do”

1994-pop-art-toasters-what-am-i-going-to-doThe Pop Art Toasters were a group formed by Martin Phillipps and friends, including David Kilgour, and they recorded an album of ’60s psychedelic pop covers. This caused a tear in the delicate fabric of the space-time continuum by the fact that Martin Phillipps has formed a band of entirely new people and not called it the Chills.

The video is very simple, with the band playing the song in Dunedin’s old Excelsior hotel, with a similar feeling to the Verlaine’s “Death and the Maiden” video. Martin and David are both wearing sunglasses, which is permissible if you are performing a song inside a house.

At first glance, the video feels like a bit of a shambles, but on closer viewing it’s clear that everything is quite deliberate and the bits of overexposed footage and weird camera moves are indeed all part of the plan.

Best bit: Martin’s rose-tinted spectacles.


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