April 2007: Lucid 3, Opensouls, PNC, Polly Prior, Reb Fountain

Impressing your 16-year-old self, good radioactive housekeeping, an orange fiery¬†glow, a sinking ship, and Cinderella’s rickety door.
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Polly Prior “Got Me On My Knees”

2004-polly-prior-got-me-on-my-kneesPolly Prior was a Wellington-based singer-songwriter and the video for “Got Me On My Knees” was another recipient of the $1500 from Positively Wellington Business for producing the video in the Wellington region.

The video starts with an intriguing premise. Polly is sitting on the roof of an old closed-down rural petrol station. She sees something coming and springs into action with her team, quickly transforming the petrol station into an open, inviting business offering “half price gas”. It’s surely a trap, like something from The Twilight Zone – but who is being trapped, and why?

It’s a middle-aged man in a fancy car. Who is he? A dad? A former lover? A boss? He’s lured into the servo’s ladies’ loos and locked in, giving Polly the chance to get in his car and go for a hoon.

And that’s it. She safely brings the car back, the man is freed from the toilet, and Polly and her gang walk away. It seems like a lot of effort to go to in order to have a ride in a fancy car.

Other videos with the $1500 Wellington grant have gone to great effort to not feature Wellington in their videos, but this is the first one where it is recognisably set in the Wellington region. Perhaps the elaborate carjacking was just done to enjoy Wellington’s coastal scenery.

Best bit: when the man is lured to the women’s toilet because plot.

Director: Ivan Slavov
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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