Rhian Sheehan featuring Jess Chambers “Sunshine”

2004-rhian-sheean-sunshineIt’s a golden sunny day at Castlepoint, so what better time and place to shoot a music video? Only this video isn’t being shot in a video format. Instead director Peter Tonks has shot a large number of still photos and edited them together to create the sense of moving image.

Sometimes it has a sped-up timelapse feel, sometimes it’s like a cheap security video that only shoots one frame per second, and other times it’s literally like a series of photos. But all shots are beautifully composed and work well with the rhythm and dynamics of the chilled-out song.

The star of the video is vocalist Jess Chambers though due to the restrictions of the medium, there’s not many shots of her actually singing. But a few times it’s managed, with the series of frames of Jess singing skilfully coming together to match the song.

Castlepoint is a notoriously windy location, and perhaps the photo collage technique helps disguise this more than straight video footage would. Instead the video has a dreamy feel, like looking back at some photos of that really amazing day we went to Castlepoint when everything felt golden and perfect.

Best bit: Rhian Sheehan mystically appearing in the bush, like a wood sprite who has been summoned.

Director: Peter Tonks
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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