Nytemare “Ghetto Princess”

2005-nytemare-ghetto-princessHow many female MCs have we come across so far? There’s Ladi6, Nemesis of Ill Semantics and Emcee Lucia, whose video is missing. And now comes Tauranga MC Nytemare with her ode to women and girls from the ghetto.

We meet Nytemare sitting on a couch in the middle of a set evoking a suburban living room. Also in the room is a young girl, who becomes an older girl (picking up the grown-ups’ empty bottles), then a young woman.

This young woman then becomes the star of the video. Out in the real world, she is hassled by her loser boyfriend/drug dealer and walks past some street hookers (subtext: it could be her). All the while Nytemare is in the background, rapping words of support.

Fortunately a life of P or car park handjobs is not to be for the ghetto princess. She shows up to a playground, dressed in a very modest long skirt and high-neck shirt, and hands out booklets to all the kids. Some sort of religious tract? No, it’s an educational pamphlet called Body Safe, which appears to be an actual sex education programme.

Whatever happened to Nytemare? This was her one and only funded video. And the URL nytemare.co.nz (seen on a sweatshirt in the video) no longer works. She released a video called “Real Hip Hop” in 2011, but it seems she’s now an MMA fighter, going by the name Tha Nytmare.

Best bit: the awkward vibe of the lady handing out safe sex pamphlets in a kids’ playground.

Director: Ivan Slavov

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