Mo’Reece “No Reason Why”

2004-mo-reece-no-reason-whyMo’Reece was a R&B pop duo comprised of singer Maurice Banse and everything-else-man Jonas Widjaya. According to their bio on Amplifier, their album was called The Shining (!) and their second single was “promoted on Xtra’s home page”.

“No Reason Why” starts with a period film being shot on the very modern platform at Britomart, with Maurice playing the leading man. All the acting isn’t going well, so the director calls cut and yells at “Morrissey, or whatever your bloody name is”. And – whoa! – the director is played by Anthony Starr, post Shortland Street and Mercy Peak, but pre Outrageous Fortune and almost a decade away from Banshee. Being a charismatic and handsome young actor, he basically steals every scene, making Mo’Reece seem like minor players in their own music video.

While all that’s going on, the station’s security team (including Jonas) view the drama on the CCTV monitors. It turns out this is unauthorised filming. Jonas goes running after rogue actor Maurice, and finds his prop suitcase which contains, er, a Matrix-style trenchcoat and dark glasses. So, ok, let’s throw in a Matrix parody while we’re at it. And then let’s end with everyone dancing together.

There’s a lot going on in this video, with many subtitled conversations that demand the attention of the viewer. So the song ends up seeming like the soundtrack to someone’s 48Hours film. Both are fun on their own, but together there’s a battle to come out on top.

Best bit: the IRL crew member laughing at Anthony Starr’s angry director rant.

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