KAOS “2000 Beyond”

2001-kaos-2000-beyondKAOS were a hip hop group that was part of the Dawn Raid family. “2000 Beyond” was of two KAOS tracks that featured on Dawn Raid’s 2001 sampler album “Southside Story 2: International”. I’m going to assume that 1960s spy comedy “Get Smart” was the source of the group’s name, but I’m also hoping that the track title was inspired by the Australian futuristic technology TV series “Beyond 2000”.

The video begins with one minute of acting. The guys are hanging out at their place when a mysterious stranger delivers the “Southside Story 2” CD. They pop the CD in their five-disc changer and the fresh beats colour their previously black and white world. Just like in “The Wizard of Oz”.

This takes them through a wormhole into a world of so many gratuitous CGI effects that it makes Supergroove’s “Can’t Get Enough” look restrained and subtle by comparison.

There are different rooms of effects, including a room of flaming fiery flames and a room of booming speakers. There are cameos from label mates the Deceptikonz and bossman Brotha D himself. There’s also an awkward moment where the DJ finds himself with two party girls dancing either side. He seems kind of embarrassed and even a little annoyed, like, OMG, can’t you girls see he’s busy trying to DJ?

We also see the group in a more ordinary situation – partying amongst a large crowd. That footage looks and feels better than all the CGI stuff. Somehow a heaving crowd of people is more exciting than a room of CGI flames.

It’s a good song, but compared to the Deceptikonz, KAOS have something missing. They just seem like a group of four dudes who like to make hip hop tunes together, rather than the big stars that the Deceptikonz became.

Best bit: the persistence of the party girls.

Note: I found this video over at Yahoo, which seems to be another side effect of Warner’s weirdness with old videos. It’s since been removed from Yahoo and it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else. But here’s the audio, at least.

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