Incursa “Find Out”

2004-incursa-find-outIncursa were the winners of the Smokefreerockquest in 2004. Band members included Sam McCarthy, who was also in Goodnight Nurse; and Jordan Arts, who later formed Kids of 88 with McCarthy.

“Find Out” is mish-mash of styles. It’s punk, it’s metal, it’s nu metal it’s rock, and there’s even a big ol’ guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Yeah, that sounds like something that would do well at the Rockquest.

The video is set at a dairy, where a few members of the band work. They’re just going about their business stacking the shelves and minding the till, when some no-good punks come in and start vandalising stuff. One of them even tips over some trolleys.

But then a curious thing happens. The head punk shows up to the shop and, oh, he’s working there now. Is this punishment for his earlier vandalism? Or maybe he was hoping to get fired for all the earlier chaos.

The video doesn’t explore this anymore. The second half of the video is just the band playing the song, with the lead singer channelling the spirit of Brandon Boyd from Incubus. We never return to the dairy again, but the video has a coda involving the bad punk carrying some groceries for a bossy old lady.

I’m happy to accept a video like this knowing that the Kids of 88 are just four years away. Hurry up.

Best bit: the regurgitated no-frills chips going back in the packet.

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