Trillion & Claire Falloon “Deep Sleep Song”

1998-trillion-deep-sleep-songJody Lloyd, brother of the previously funded Dermania Lloyd (with Mink), is otherwise known as Trillion, maker of electronica. He’s also has an extensive video archive of all his works, with Trillion, Dark Tower and other things. This makes me very very happy indeed!

Directed by Scott Cleator, “Deep Sleep” takes place in what appears to be an art gallery exhibiting a most curious collection. Live humans and taxidermied animals are on display while intrigued artophiles browse the offerings, while Mr Trillion strolls around his creations.

Singer Claire Falloon is filmed with harsh blue and green lighting, presenting her as simultaneously grotesque and pretty. It’s refreshing to see, given that most videos don’t hestitate to totally glam up the chick singers.

The song is dark and moody and the video gets that without ever going too far. It’s a perfect example of the uncanny – taking a familiar experience and twisting ever so slightly for it to take on an undescribably uncomfortable feeling.

Best bit: the gallery guests holding glasses of wine, an authentic detail.

Director: Scott Cleator
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… bowl-o-rama drama.