DLT feat Ryad “Liquid Skies”

2001-dlt-feat-ryad-liquid-skiesThe city is no place for a horse. I’d complained about the lack of DLT in his previous videos, so it’s just as well that he makes an appearance in “Liquid Skies”. Guest vocalist Ryad isn’t in the video, but DLT’s daughter is, as is a white horse.

DLT is hanging out with the horse in a city parking building. Back in the olden days Auckland used to have places where a horse could be parked. Stable Lane in Newton, for example, used to house actual stables. But now what’s a person to do if they find themselves with an urban pony that needs a whare? You put it in a car park?

Fortunately this isn’t the horse’s permanent home. We also see it on the beach, having a really good, luxurious roll around in the sand. This is the horse of freedom.

There’s also footage of DLT in downtown Auckland, as well as random urban scenes from Tokyo. We see his young daughter wearing a Tino Rangatiratanga t-shirt, squinting in the golden sunlight.

It’s a supremely chilled out video for an equally chilled out song. Contrasting the horse in an urban and a coastal setting is so much more powerful than just having the horse romping around alone. And it’s great to see DLT appear again in one of his videos. It’s just a little sad that this was his last NZ On Air funded video.

Best bit: the horse having a good shake to get all the sand off.

Director: BG Riphead
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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