Spa “Neil of Diamonds”

2002-spa-neil-of-diamondsIn what has to be one of the most exotic locations for a New Zealand music video, “Neil of Diamonds” is set in Havana, looking like a home movie crossed with the Buena Vista Social Club.

It’s all very scenic. Lively kids hangs out on the streets, the iconic pre-1960 American cars lumber past and the band go fishing. At one point one Spa is seen lying back with a puny cigarette between his lips. Pft. Whatever.

Being a group of young dudes in Cuba, they can’t resist a visit to Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partag├ís, a cigar factory museum. There the band sample the wares, leading one to mouth to the camera “motherfudger” (or similar).

This leads to a big montage of the band enjoying the town’s nightlife and smoking cigars, including a 16-second shot of one of them slowly walking down a street with a cigarette in his mouth, gazing at the camera, probably wondering if this was actually the high point of his life.

But that’s what the song is about – “when I go out tonight I am the Neil of diamonds”, the chorus proclaims. It’s about going out and feeling like a cool dude, and not worrying about life back in New Zealand, Cuba’s human-rights issues or even morning-after cigar-breath.

Best bit: the old lady smoking the mammoth cigar.

Director: Andy Welch

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