James Gaylyn “Bodyfine”

Now, this is intriguing. James Gaylyn is American and is an actor as well as a singer. In fact, he’s best known as providing the voice of the evil Zeltrax in the cult TV classics Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and Colonel Truman in Power Rangers: RPM.

But yet before the Power Rangers gigs, he’d somehow got himself signed to Wildside Records and released the soul track “Bodyfine”.

The video has him perform the song in a room of white sheets, while various white women dance about in the ubiquitous ’90s music video lycra dress. Backing vocals are mimed by two women, one of which looks like a good-girl-gone-bad version of Petra Bagust.

The object of his affection is another lycra lady, a ginger with a corkscrew perm. There is no chemistry between them.

The whole video feels like the sort of thing that would have come out of Australia in the ’80s, only in that reality James Gaylyn would have been world-famous in Australia and not ended up in the Power Rangers.

Although, it seems that the Power Rangers fandom is what got the clip uploaded to YouTube and is what keeps interest going. David Parker and Emulsifier take note.

By the way, the YouTube comments are full of Power Rangers fans, delighted to see another side to Zeltrax.

Best bit: The slightly uncomfortable amount of booty action.

Director: Alistair Crombie
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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