5000 Ways to Love You

So that’s it. I’ve ploughed my way through 20 years of the $5000 music video funding.

My master spreadsheet has 2335 videos listed. Of that, I’ve tracked down, watched and reviewed 1953 videos, but 388 are missing (or were never made but are still listed in the database). (That doesn’t actually add up because I still have a few found newly videos still to review and, omg, I’ve just watched 1953 videos, so do not expect me to be able to do fancy number things, ok?)

I started this six years ago because I needed something joyful and web-based in my life so counter a spirit-crushing job, and it largely worked. It’s been a grand experience, especially hearing from people in bands, directors and just random people involved with making videos.

It’s been encouraging how many old videos are online now compared to what it was like when I started in 2011. These are cultural taonga and the more that are online, the better. Ideally all these video would be online, but for various reasons that hasn’t happened… yet. And then there’s the new challenge of getting higher quality versions of videos uploaded 12 years ago in low-res versions.

But as it is, it’s still a treat discovering videos that have come from VHS recordings of old music video shows, lovingly uploaded by blessed obsessives.

I was going to call it quits here, but I kind of want to keep going. So I’m thinking I might do things year by year. There needs to be time between the release of a video and reviewing, just so the shininess can wear off a bit.

But in the mean time, there will some more found videos to cover, and some sort of “wot I learned” summary. Kia ora!

– Robyn

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