August 2008: Bang Bang Eche, Boh Runga, Bruce Conlon, Cobra Khan, Cut Off Your Hands, Dane Rumble

Ok, let’s get this over with. Our adventure resumes in August 2008. There we shall find giant cats, a live gig, morphing Boh, motionless rock, and the artist formerly known as Kid Deft.

Bang Bang Eche “(You + Me) As Thick As Thieves”

There’s Bang Bang Eche, all cool and youthful with their fringes always being in their faces, and they’re rocking out (shoe-gazing out?) in a space that’s like the interior of a kaleidoscope. But in case this wasn’t edgy enough, then the band shows up, sans instruments, with animal heads. It’s low budget but stylish and fun, and it shows us exactly what a hipster cat band would look like. Because we were wondering.

Director: Simon Ward

Bang Bang Eche “4 to the Floor”

Two videos in one funding round! That doesn’t happen much, but when it does happen, be sure to make a wish. This time Bang Bang Eche are playing live, looking all cool in their casual gear. It’s just a really decent live video, capturing the band’s impressive live energy. “From Tokyo to France, you know you wanna dance!” Ok, then.

Director: Simon Ward

Boh Runga “Starfish Sleeping”

In her first solo video since Stellar, Boh Runga serves a fairly inoffensive piece of MOR pop. The video is a bit more creative, with Boh being the subject of a series of snapshots that blend into one and other. The problem is, the blending requires her to face the camera dead on and keep a neutral expression on her face, leading to an unengaging performance. And even though the video is less than a decade old, it brings up memories of the time before selfies, when if you wanted a photo of yourself, someone else had to take it. And it was usually bad.

Director: Tim Van Dammen

Bruce Conlon “Night & Day” – missing

“Night & Day” is another track from the London-based Bruce Conlon. It has a bit of a “Beetlebum” thing happening in the verses, but calms down with a more MOR chorus.

Cobra Khan “Shutter”

Cobra Khan deliver a really straight-up rock video. They’re all dressed in basic black, all standing in a row, performing their song in front of an array of lights. Lead singer Milon is the only one who gives a dynamic performance. The others deadpan it, looking cool and bored. There’s some stop-motion fun near the end, but as the song’s instrumental conclusion kicks in, we’re treated to a slow pan of the band standing still. So rock.

Director: Luc McPake
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Cut Off Your Hands “Happy As Can Be” – missing

There is no sign that there was ever a video made for “Happy As Can Be”, but it’s listed on all the NZOA lists I have. Fans were crying out for a video though – YouTube is full of DIY efforts. Here’s a Fight Club edit.

Dane Rumble “Always Be Here”

It was a remarkable transformation. One minute there was the big-mouthed Kid Deft from the Fast Crew, next there was the slick pop dude Dane Rumble. Which raised the question, if your real name is Dane Rumble, why would you call yourself Kid Deft? “Always Be Here” is far removed from the Fast Crew’s hip hop grooves, instead delivering a pop-rock sound. The video goes for an edgier urban look, bathing Dane in coloured lights. It seems intent on showing some rock authenticity, but I can’t help thinking it would be a stronger video if they’d focused on the drama of the song, not the mechanics of its production.

Director: Ivan Slavov

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