December 2007: Elemeno P, Faster She Said, Goodnight Nurse, Jackie Bristow, Jermaine, Luger Boa, Luke Thompson

The business accounting software hop, a perfect party, beachy Piha cool, rural pleasantry, in the club, and attempted rock mayhem.

Elemeno P “Baby Come On”

“Baby Come On” is a big, joyful pop song, a Silver Scroll nominee and one of the few pop songs to namecheck the MYOB small business accounting software. Like in previous videos from this era, the band are largely absent, but are shown in behind-the-scenes roles, keeping an eye on things. Instead the stars of the video are two dancers, who deliver an energetic Lindy hop, while lyrics from the song are projected on a screen behind them. A song like this would have benefitted from a band performance, but the two dancers make a really decent substitute.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Faster She Said “Dirty Monsters”

According to their Facebook page, Faster She Said haven’t played together since 2009, but back in 2007 they’d won the “World Battle of the Bands” (a New Zealand event) and had funding for one video of their traditional rock sound. The video takes ages to get going thanks to some unnecessary outtakes at the start, but eventually it kicks off with some rock energy. The video seems to have been designed as a one-shot clips (and there’s an alternate version cut that way), but the official version can’t resist beefing up the action with some speedy cuts.

Director: Ivan Slavov

Goodnight Nurse “The Night”

This was the first single from Goodnight Nurse’s second album. They’d ditched the black hair dye and introduced some of the synth sound that would later go onto define later works by the Kids of 88 and you-know-who. The video puts the band on stage at party, with dozens of beautiful teens drinking, pashing, crying, puking, laughing and dancing. Everything is perfect.

Director: Jonathan Gerard
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Jackie Bristow “Crazy Love”

“Crazy Love” is the most country song of Jackie’s three funded music videos. The video puts her in a hillside beach house overlooking the Piha coast. It’s clear blue day and everything is gloriously west coast.

Director: Paul Taylor
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Chong-Nee with Jermaine “That’s My Word” – missing

“That’s My Word” was a track from Chong-Nee’s 2010 album Chong-Nee and Friends, where he teamed up with different guest vocalists and musicians on each track.

Director: Huia Hamon
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Luger Boa “1000 Hooks”

Following The D4 going on hiatus, Jimmy Christmas shaved off his shaggy rock locks and formed Lugar Boa, a band based around him and whichever friends were up for playing. “1000 Hooks” was the first single. The video was shot in Coherent Bar on K Road, the location of which inspired much of the songs on the first Luger Boa album. The vid involves Jimmy wandering around the bar, wearing a pair of sunglasses that reflect crazy things, man. Unlike The D4 videos, which were always focused on the band rocking hard, this just lets Jimmy exercise a bit of rock star swagger.

Director: Video Nasties

Luke Thompson “Say You’ll Stay”

This is becoming a genre of music video – a singer, alone in a pleasant rural setting. It’s not a man (or woman) alone in the wilderness situation; it’s always a picturesque landscape, with the feeling that a State Highway is a short stroll away. So there’s Luke standing on a hill, with some lamps, in a forest, by a waterfall. It’s a nice setting for his nice song.

Director: Adam Jones

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