June 2006: Goodnight Nurse, Greg Johnson, Hinewehi Mohi & Joel Haines, Ill Semantics, Katchafire

’06 Bonnie and Clyde, Greg’s Americana, angry graffiti, and the children (who are the future).

Goodnight Nurse “All For You”

This video stars Anna Hutchison (aka Delphi from Shortland Street and/or Lily the Yellow Cheetah Ranger from Power Rangers Jungle Fury). She plays a girl whose dad – the video implies – is somehow being abusive to her. With the help of her boyfriend she runs away, even stealing a packet of chips from a petrol station, ’06 Bonnie and Clyde style. There’s no neat resolution. Will she be caught for her shoplifting? And what of the Instant Kiwi tickets she grabbed while packing her bag? But with Goodnight Nurse’s sweet love song as the soundtrack, the loved-up couple is happy just to have each other. The song features very quiet backing vocals from Kimbra.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Greg Johnson “Now the Sun is Out”

A lot of videos go to the effort of making¬†New Zealand look vaguely American, but whenever a video is actually shot in America, the opportunity is never missed to deeply saturate the video with American life. “Now the Sun is Out” is like a more sophisticated version of GJ’s “Kiss Me” video. He’s exploring America, travelling to cities, towns and out in the desert, as well as his life as a muso. The horizons of this video are broad – much broader than turning Fort Lane into Hell’s Kitchen.

Director: Paul Casserly
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Hinewehi Mohi & Joel Haines “Tera Matariki” – missing

This is on all the lists as being completed, but there’s no sign of a video or a song by that name.¬†Hinewehi did have a song just called “Matariki” and she and Joel and Hinewehi have definitely worked together.

Ill Semantics featuring Lemuel “On & On”


This video is set at Hopetoun Alpha, with the group performing on the front steps of the building as well as on the stage inside (an usual move – other videos have avoided the stage and put the band on the floor). The song is a message of hope, about overcoming hardships, so the video is full of kids, backing up Lemuel with their junior gospel choir.

Director: Sophie Findlay
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Katchafire “Frisk Me Down”

“Frisk Me Down” is a tale of racially motived police harassment. Katchafire have previously made some very busy videos, but “Frisk Me Down” keeps it simple. It mainly shows lead singer Logan down Graffiti Alley in Wellington. There are also shots of other buildings with CGI graffiti of the song lyrics, words like “suspected”, “evidence” and “brown skin”. The message is clear: “Don’t frisk me down because of my brown skin”.

Director: Paul Herschell

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