February 2006: Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine, The Tutts, Tourist, Truce Lee, Yulia

Yulia, a voice of rare beauty (also a cool kids house party and some dudes in the old museum, whatever, they’re not Yulia so it doesn’t really matter).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine “Want You Bad” – missing

This was the second of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine’s funded videos, and there’s also no sign of this one. I remember there being a lot of excitement around them. YouTube commenter Joseph reckons “They could’ve been the next Datsuns only better.” But maybe by 2006 the rock ‘n’ roll revival was fading and it was time to move on to the next cool new sound. Like new rave.

The Tutts “K”

“K” was the Tutts explosive debut, a super catchy pop track that reached No.19 in the charts. The video takes place at a house party, with the band rocking out in the lounge. Lead singer Scott is hiding behind a Sia-like mask of hair and there’s not really a lot of attention given to the band. Instead we get dancing girls and other quirky party tricks.

Director: Warren Green
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Tourist “Did You Kill Your Love”

Back in 2004, Auckland band Tourist were one of the first artists to take advantage of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business’s Made In Wellington scheme. They’re back with the bonus funding and this time their video is set in the iconic former national museum, now Massey University’s Wellington campus. While the band perform in the foyer, a troubled young woman wanders about the corridors. There’s also a director’s cut of the video, but apart from a better opening, the rest of the editing choices seem fairly arbitrary.

Director: David Paul
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Truce Lee “I Miss You” – missing

Truce Lee is well accomplished in the four corners of hip hop. He’d had success with the video for his debut single “Ready For Love”, but there’s no sign of a video for “I Miss You”.

Yulia “We’re All Alone”

God bless Yulia, a voice of rare beauty. Her mid-2000s burst of popularity in New Zealand didn’t last, but she’s since forged a decent international career as a jobbing singer. “We’re All Alone” was Yulia at her New Zealand peak, delivering a very precise cover of the Boz Scaggs song. The video sees the Russian-born songstress going on a date with herself, including a 50-second shot of Yulia slowly trying on different outfits. Yulia enjoys an orange juice in an empty restaurant, before having dinner in the empty rotating restaurant up the Sky Tower. It’s like Yulia is the last remaining person on earth, a more glam version of The Quiet Earth. Frankly, if there’s anyone who can survive the apocalypse, it’s Yulia.

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