February 2006: 5Star Fallout, Aaradhna, Adeaze, Anika Moa, Bic Runga

Aaradhna shakes it, Bic is an elusive chanteuse, Adeaze get romantic, Anika gets hopeful and, hey, whatever happened to guy who came second on Idol?

5star Fallout “Seasons”

A couple of years after being voted the runner up on the first series of NZ Idol, Michael Murphy came back with his mates as punk-pop band 5star Fallout. The “Seasons” video plays down any potential stardom of the lead singer and puts the focus on the band as a whole. They play the song in a dramatically lit setting, surrounded by leaves. Because leaves = autumn, which is a season.

Director: Mark Summerville
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Aaradhna featuring Mareko “Shake Remix”


Aaradhna is a great singer and performer, but this is just the dullest song, like the sort of thing that a cabaret act would perform at a corporate event. Even a guest rap from Mareko doesn’t liven it up. The video, though, is stylish and features a black-singlet-clad big band. A YouTube commenter notes that one of Aaradhna’s dancers is former Miss Samoa Maryjane McKibbin.

Director: James Barr
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Adeaze “Let’s Stay Together”

Aka “Love theme from Sione’s Wedding“. The video features the Adeaze brothers sitting around a bonfire, joined by the loved-up couples of the film. Emphasising the modern, urban Auckland setting of the film, the skyline of downtown Auckland can be seen in the background, looking all cool and pretty. There are also clips from the film, emphasising the romance over the goofy humour.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Anika Moa “Broken Man”

This is the magic of Anika Moa – it’s an upbeat song and she sings with cheerfulness and positivity, but the lyrics are darker – “You’re a broken man/Come from a broken home/You deserve much more than a piece of none”. The video follows a young Maori boy. He sets off with a younger brother and head into the city. There’s uncertainty – is he going to do good or bad? But the video ends with him finding a place as part of an intense kapa haka performance.

Director: Madeleine Sami
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Bic Runga “Say After Me”

“Say After Me” imagines Bic as a cabaret singer, delivering the torch song under a full moon. She’s super glamorous, and for the first part of the video she’s singing directly into a microphone. But as the video progresses, the mic goes and things get more dreamlike, with a fireworks display bringing the melancholic song to an end.

Director: Darryl Ward
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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