Videos from December 2005 – part 1

The magic of CGI takes us to beaches, romantic parks, and noirish cities. The magic of IRL takes us on a car journey and into an old church.

4 Corners featuring Maia Rata “By My Side”

4 Corners get romantic with this expression of fidelity. The video uses green screen, showing edgy urban back alleys, houses with dramatic windows (essential for a music video), a suburban street and a tranquil west coast beach. The advantage of doing it this way – the performers aren’t overshadowed by the background and can focus on their performance. The band seem a little camera shy, hiding behind hats and sunglasses.

Director: Mark Tretheway

Aerial “Only A Kiss”

The lowres version of this video makes it hard to figure out exactly what it happening, but it seems to involve a video projected out of a moving car. The combination of the (very) moving image on the rural and urban backgrounds, with the moody tones of the song creates a cool experience.

Director: Guy Tichbourne
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Ammp “All I Wanted”

The video uses green screen and CGI backgrounds to tell a sweet story of falling in love. The CGI is pretty basic, though, and it never looks anything more than people pretending to be on a bus, in a river, at a dance, etc. The video was another recipient of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business’s Made In Wellington scheme.

Director: Ed Davis
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Autozamm “Ways To Run”

Autozamm get a bit jazzy and introspective (and I also want to use Steely Dan-ish here). The first half of the video is lead singer Nick wandering the city streets at night. He eventually comes to Hopetoun Alpha where he joins his bandmates to rock out – just as Fur Patrol did in the “Spinning a Line” video. Well, it’s a change from weddings and corporate events.

Director: Mike Carpinter
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Beatrootz “You Know”

“You Know” takes place in a CGI world – a night time cityscape where it rains and rains but no one ever gets wet. Is the rain and the darkness there to cover up less convincing CGI? Or is it homage to “Sin City”? Or a bit of both. It’s an ambitious video and was nominated for Video of the Year at the 2006 Juice TV Music Video Awards.

Director: Luke Sharpe
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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