The Mint Chicks “If My Arm Was a Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?”

“If My Arm…” was a track off the Mint Chicks’ second album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, but according to Wikipedia, it wasn’t released until 2008, after five other tracks from the same album. But the path to a music video release is never a smooth ride, so such things should be expected.

By this stage the band had moved well away from the art school high jinks of their early videos, no longer hiding behind crazy costumes. They’re still wearing sunglasses in this video, but are dressed in ordinary black clothes, alternating with t-shirts and jeans.

The crazy is left to other people. Some kids, dressed up in superhero costumes, have an epic battle. The band are kidnapped by strange people who tied them up and kindly put cucumber circles on their eyes. It reduces puffiness, you know. There is also a cat.

It feels like the crazy vibez of the bands earlier videos, combined with a newfound self-consciousness. If this was a Mint Chicks video from their first album, it would fit in with their crazy low-budget world, but coming with the slicker world of the Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! album, it’s actually a bit disappointing the video is taking the path of least resistance.

Best bit: the Busby Berkeley-style overhead dancing, with the band crammed in a weird cone.

Director: Sean Grattan

Next… just look what they can doodle.

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