Donald Reid “Forget Myself”

2005-donald-reid-forget-myselfDonald Reid is the brother of James From The Feelers, and he has a similar gravelly tone to his voice as his bro as well as the same MOR pop sensibility. The bio on Donald’s official website claims that Donald’s high school band Written in Red “were awarded “Best Music Video” at the New Zealand Music Awards” but there’s no record of that in Recorded Music NZ’s archive, nor does Google produce reveal any mentions of any similar award.

Anyway, grown-up Donald’s video begins with a woman watching a DVD of Donald performing the song. The footage is project on the wall of her lounge – for that fully immersive Donald Reid home cinema experience – so most of his performance is shown with the ghostly look of projected footage.

We don’t see much of the woman. The video is mainly Donald performing the song in various settings. A long sequence of medium-close-up shots of Donald Reid singing gets pretty boring.

Despite the fact that the song is being addressed to a “you” and there’s a love interest in the video, the song is really all about the singer, so that’s at least an excuse to put all the attention on him – but it doesn’t mean the video actually has to do that. Unless it is intended that the video viewer takes the place of the woman, essentially becoming Donald’s sweetie. But that’s a bit much to ask of a humble music video viewer.

Best bit: Donald’s mini freak-out moment on the front steps.

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