P-Money featuring Scribe “Stop the Music”

2004-p-money-stop-the-music“Stop the Music” was the first single off P-Money’s second album and also his first number one single. Or – if you count the work he did on Scribe’s solo album – it’s his and Scribe’s third number one single.

It’s a bleak song – a declaration of the need to keep on making music, no matter what. The video is set on a dark and stormy night. Scribe is wearing his familiar uniform of a cap and hoodie, but this time the clothing has a practical use, to protect him from the pouring rain.

Inside we find P-Money, along with Sam from 8 Foot Sativa on drums, Justyn from Elemeno P on guitar and a dry Scribe. They’re all rocking out for the chorus. The way the video is lit makes P-Money look like an ill junkie goth zombie, but I think that’s the effect it’s going for.

I’ve previously noted the difficulty of shooting “in the club” videos, of directing a large number of people to look like they’re all having fun on the dance floor. Director Greg Page makes it work in this video by removing the requirement of fun. Instead we get a large group of people, jumping and punching the air in slow motion. It feels more urgent and authentic, like the music is genuinely moving them. It also helps that they also have the uncanny ill junkie goth zombie look.

The ending isn’t so strong. The song effectively ends after four minutes, leaving another minute of guitar noodling and rainfall sound, accompanied with footage of Scribe mooching off in the rain. Overall, it’s not as strong as previous P-Money/Scribe collaborations, but it’s still a nice gothic slice of hip-hop.

Best bit: the reflection of a rain-streaked windowpane on Scribe’s face, like a moving moko.

Director: Greg Page
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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