Goodnight Nurse “Going Away”

2004-goodnight-nurse-going-awayGoodnight Nurse become “Goodnight Nerd”, and a comedy nerd voice kicks off the video by saying “This is gonna be totally awesome!” followed by comedy nerd guffaws. The video is set in bleak suburban Henderson – a location well suited to the punk-pop of Goodnight Nurse, but less to the 1950s nerd stereotype.

The song is about a guy who is slowly realising that his girlfriend is seeing other guys, so our nerd hero (played by Grammy-award-winning songwriter Joel Little) is suitable nuts over a girl in the video.

The lyrics attempt to slut-shame the girl (“Whats it like being such a ho? What are they gonna think of you when theres no one you haven’t screwed?”) but she’s shown having a (paddling) pool party with a few of her dude friends who then throw the nerd in the pool. But there’s a happy ending – the nerd finds a cute puppy to love.

This is another of those videos that aren’t anything special, but aren’t terrible either. It’s just an adequate visual depiction of the song. And that’s about the minimum you’d want in a music video.

Best bit: the nerd’s grandpops, cheering on his nerdy grandson.

Director: Ivan Slavov
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… down the local dairy.

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