Graham Brazier “In Your Company”

2004-graham-brazier-in-your-companyWe last saw Graham Brazier way back in 1998 with the noirish world of “Long Gone for Good”. This time things are much more upbeat, with Graham pottering around the house, having his attention diverted by his dog and cat.

Graham also hangs out with his mum in her second-hand bookshop, he walks his dog, has coffee with a friend and watches a rugby game. The song has a really nice relaxed feeling to it and the video goes with that. The rock ‘n’ roll excesses of the early Hello Sailor years are long gone. The “In Your Company” video seems to depict a fairly ordinary day in Graham’s fairly ordinary life.

The one music video touch happens when Graham sits down and writes the names of various dead musicians on strips of cardboard – Joe Strummer, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, one of the Ramones and other dead dudes – and then throws them out the window. Because art.

But the video ends with a common touch – Graham having a singsong at the local rugby club. It’s all so chilled out that when it sings the line “Turn off the light/I’m in your company”, it doesn’t sound at all smutty.

Best bit: the cat walking all over Graham. There should be more pets in music videos.

Note: the YouTube clip begins with Graham reading a poem. The music video itself starts at 1:25, but you might as well start with the poem.

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