Tha Feelstyle featuring Camillia Temple “Feels Like Forever”

2004-tha-feelstyle-feels-like-foreverBack in 2004, the song’s vocalist Camillia Temple was famous for being the third-place-getter in the first series of NZ Idol. She’d recorded her contribution to “Feels Like Forever” before Idol, and I’m guessing her contract with the TV show meant she wasn’t able to appear in the video. (At least, I haven’t been able to spot her.)

But the absence of the Idol diva isn’t felt, with Aaradhna and Sara-Jane providing some lady glam, along with Submariner and Manuel Bundy.

The video puts Tha Feelstyle in two settings – in front of a green-screen with an ever-changing display of background images (flags, photos and a cool car) and in a hip white-walled, wooden-floored room. It’s a big change from the rooty Samoan world of “Su’Amalie/Ain’t Mad At You”.

Sometimes the video feels a bit uneventful – there’s only so many times you can see a pretty lady in a nice dress before it starts to become repetitive – but it’s generally cool, stylish video.

Best bit: Submariner reading a Sub-Mariner comic.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… on their marks.

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