Seven Suns “Dragged Along”

2004-seven-suns-dragged-alongI found a bunch of forum comments from Seven Suns fans, raving about how great they were live. Whatever that experience was, it doesn’t come across in this video. It is so dull.

This video was another recipient of the $1500 from Positively Wellington Business for producing the video in the Wellington region. And the video is indeed filmed in a Wellington location – the Clifton Terrace car park, which runs under the elevated motorway. It could potentially be used as an edgy urban setting, but instead it looks like a big, empty concrete car park, swamping the band.

The band all look utterly bored, like they’re running through the song for the 50th time. It doesn’t help that the song is fairly sedate and at times sounds like bad Christian pop (and not all Christian pop is bad). But when it’s accompanied by visuals of a grey car park, with almost all the colour taken out of the palette, it all adds up to a massive snoozefest.

This was Seven Sun’s only NZOA video funding, but lead singer Adi Dick returned in 2007 with a much better video for a solo song.

Best bit: the buffed-over graffiti on the concrete, a ghost of an exciting past.

Director: Gareth Moon

Next… more road stories.

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