Redline “Time After Time”

2004-redline-time-after-timeRedline was rock/metal band that was the next project of former Tadpole guitarist and Internet Mana (remember them?) candidate Chris Yong.

The “Time After Time” video starts with the arresting image of P being smoked. The methhead is a pretty young woman who hasn’t reached the “faces of meth” stage. She’s shown out partying at the club but wandering about like a zombie, such is the insidiousness of crystal methamphetamine, etc. We also see her struggling through a boring desk job, and blobbing out at home. You know the P has ruined her life when her flat looks like a young dude student digs.

But it’s ok. Redline are here. They’re performing at the same club where the meth addict dances her cares away. Are their uplifting and supportive lyrics enough to drag her out of her addiction? Nah, she’s seen purchasing a suspicious packet from a shady man.

Because it’s a G-rated music video, much of the drugginess is implied. We’re just left with a young woman who seems a bit lonely and sad. Maybe the band will eventually cheer her up.

Best bit: the giant CRT monitor in her office.

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Next… home video.

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