Evermore “Come to Nothing”

2004-evermore-come-to-nothing“Come to Nothing” is a slow, emotional tale of a lost love. The video is heavy-handed with symbolism, putting Jon and his bros into a derelict, fire-gutted house. We also see a young woman wandering the same house, but staying well away from Evermore. Just as well. It seems they have some issues.

As Jon sings, the woman wanders the house. She stands in the blackened kitchen, perhaps thinking back to happier times and that really amazing spaghetti bolognese they had that one time.

The video is shot in desaturated colours, creating a gloomy world where a relationship break-up feels like the least awful thing that could happen in an average day. And maybe a split would add a bit of excitement to the bleak and burnt existence.

There’s a bit in the song where Jon keeps repeating the line “It’s come to nothing!”, but he pronounces “come” like “cyum”. The first few times it sounds strange, then it’s the most hilarious thing ever, but by the end of the song it just sounds normal and I legitimately fear that I’m going to start saying “cyum”.

At the end of the video Jon and the woman wander into the same room, but it’s all over between them. They make an odd couple and the split seems to be like a 15-year-old guy being dumped by his more emotionally mature girlfriend. Yeah, it’s over, but it doesn’t seem like the end of the world for either of them. All that’s left is for Jon to wander off with his brothers. Oh look – a burnt out car. How symbolic.

Best bit: the woman pieces together a broken plate, and we know how that turned out in Breaking Bad.

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