Brooke Fraser “Without You”

2004-brooke-fraser-without-you“Without You” is a short jazzy love song, the sort of thing that is in the repertoire of Saturday afternoon cafe performer.

We find Brooke sitting on a hearty old leather sofa, surrounded by stacks of books. This reminds me of the bar decor trend of having shelves lined with old books purchased from op shop bargain bins, most of which ended up being All Black biographies and Reader’s Digest condensed books. I wonder if Brooke’s collection includes Ebony & Ivory: The Stu Wilson, Bernie Fraser Story.

As well as stationary Brooke on the couch, we also get shots of couples, posing in a portrait style. As well as the obvious romantic and family groups, there’s a punk dad with a punk kid, two beardy bastards, a girl with a horse, and woman with her award-winning dogs and their trophies.

It’s a sweet song and a sweet video, but there’s just not much that’s especially captivating about it. Maybe it’s just the sort of thing to play in a cafe on a Saturday afternoon.

Best bit: the elaborately bedazzled jacket of a young punk.

Director: Tim Groenendaal
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… swimming in bread.

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