Jordan Luck “Here They Come, There They Go”

2004-jordan-luck-here-they-comeAfter a long, successful run with the Exponents, Jordan Luck went solo, accompanied by his new backing band called Luck. “Here They Come, There They Go” was his only solo video to receive NZOA funding.

The video for his first single attempts to delve inside the subconsciousness of Jordan, starting with the singer asleep in bed, having a dream involving two bikini-wearing chicks who also have the head of a fish. I dunno. I just always imagined Jordan Luck’s dreams would be a bit more interesting than femme-fish erotica.

Fortunately real life proves to be more interesting. He takes a shower then sits down to enjoy a nice full English cafe breakfast, only for the sossies and to transform into chocolate fish and other oceanic delights. Oh, and the waitress has a fish head.

Much of the video takes place on a double-decker bus, full of Jordan’s band (including serial session bass player Mareea Paterson) and various freaky friends. There’s also a bit of action around Western Springs, with even yet still more fish-headed people and some punks feeding jelly worm sweets to the ducks.

The song has a fun singalong chorus and the video joins in with all the energy of that. Even when Exponents videos were being lively, there was always a seriousness to them. Jordan’s solo video just gets down and has a great time.

Best bit: the throwback to the gold commedia dell’arte mask originally seen in the Exponents “House of Love” video.

Director: Ivan Slavov

Next… down in the front row.

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