Minuit “Menace”

2003-minuit-menaceThis video has a lot of spunk. It’s the first from Minuit, the Nelson electro-pop trio. The song pulls no punches – “You’re a menace to the female sex”, sings Ruth.

She’s performing the song in a dark studio with her two bandmates. At first she looks a little ordinary – her hair looks like it’s a bit wet and she’s wearing an unsexy high-necked top. But gradually it’s revealed that she’s also wearing a PVC miniskirt – complete with the group’s album name “88” emblazoned on it. This is a perfect example of the fashion guideline that a short skirt doesn’t seem so outrageous if you cover up on top – and vice versa. The miniskirt wearing comes across as confident rather than saucy.

But back to the song – just who is this person who is a menace to the female sex? We eventually meet an elderly businessman, who enters on the arm of two attractive young women. Are they his girlfriends or nurse aids? So who is this old guy? What’s he going to do? Push up the price of housing? Write a column in the Herald about how he doesn’t like young people using cellphones or wearing sunglasses on their heads?

Oh no. Like the Cadbury gorilla, he’s going to surprise everyone by turning out to be a really good drummer. He gets behind the kit and joins in with the song, all the while giving Ruth the gladeye.

The two young women leave. If Pops isn’t going to pay any attention to them, why should they stick around? “This chaos has consistency,” sings Ruth.

It’s a standard low-budget video – one location, minimal set – but the performance energy and chemistry between Ruth and the menace make it a rather compelling arrangement.

Best bit: the brief shot of the keyboard with the song’s title showing on its display.

Next… a support group.

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