Tha Feelstyle “Outside Enclosure”

2003-tha-feelstyle-outside-enclosureAnd into the crazy chaotic animated world of “Outside Enclosure”. It’s really good 3D animation, and reminds me of something from a Wii game. I’d like to see that – hurling the Wii controller around as Tha Feelstyle flies around the world.

The story starts in New Zealand, where Tha Feelstyle wakes up in bed with three women and a grin. Over on the Amplifier, Kas describes the old school funk-inspired song as being about baking, but reckons “if you sing it wrongly it becomes a sexual song.” So that would explain the absence of lammingtons in the video.

He gets a phone call to alert him to a menace on the other side of the world. A giant robot called Robo-Rap is causing trouble. While he DJs, emcees and does breakdancing, he doesn’t draw the crowds and then there’s the slight problem of him turning on people. Never mind – the Feelstyle to the rescue!

It’s simple bout, some man vs robot showdown, resulting in Tha Feelstyle electricuting the robot. With his main competition out of the way, Kas becomes the the star performer, attracting a bigger crowd than the robot ever managed.

The video is full of sound effects to add to all the action in the clip. The problem is, sometimes the sound effects threaten to overwhelm the song itself, making the music seem like a random backing track rather than the heart of the video. But having said it, at least it’s not as bad as that disastrous Head Like a Hole vid.

Best bit: the pneumatic rocket jandals, good for flying around the world.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a roll in the grass.

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