Tim Finn “I’ll Never Know”

2002-tim-finn-ill-never-knowThis video has a great opening – a Sanyo radio plays the end of the Radio New Zealand long-range weather forecast for the districts, wrapping up with the Chatham Islands. We find Tim Finn alone in a dressing room, getting ready for a show. I’ve always thought that the RNZ long-range forecast is just as soothing as the BBC’s shipping forecast. Blur used to listen to the shipping forecast on tour, to remind them of England. Perhaps Tim Finn is doing the same for memories of Aotearoa.

He puts on his stage clothes, a neat suit, and sings the song as he tucks in and buttons up. We also get a look at the set list. It seems to be all Split Enz songs, and if this represents a real concert, it might have been something to do with one of Split Enz 30th anniversary shows in 2002.

The video sometimes focuses on the mundane details of the dressing room – the curves of the coat rack, a shirt button, the dust on the carpet, the painting on the wall. Tim nervous paces the room, as if he’s working himself up into the state required to be Tim Finn, pop legend.

Then the song fades down, Tim pours himself a glass of wine (which he doesn’t drink), casts an eye over the set list, and then there’s a knock at the door with “Two minutes, Tim!” Hey, Mr Stage Manager. Don’t you know that the concert’s already started in Tim’s dressing room?

Maybe that’s the problem. If he’s going to be singing Split Enz songs on stage, the dressing room might be the only outlet to perform his solo material. And once the Split Enz concert is over, maybe he will return for some alone time with the wine and the weather forecast.

Best bit: Tim’s stripy socks.

Director: Paul Casserly
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… punching above his weight.

One thought on “Tim Finn “I’ll Never Know””

  1. I wondered why I didn’t know about this video, turned out it was radio-only ( http://www.frenzforum.com/topic/ill-never-know-tim-finn-nz God bless the good ol’ Frenz forum).

    Another subtle nod for fans is the lyrics for another ‘Feeding the Gods’ album song (‘Sawdust and Splinters’).

    Tim’s gone on the record about having terrible stage fright when younger, and even now is a very intense (but amazing!) performer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘psyching up’ is a true gesture, even if from the Split Enz days.

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