Fou Nature “It’s Our Party”

2002-fou-nature-its-our-partyThis is a very Polynesian sounding pop song. I went to Samoa around the time this song came out and this style of music could be heard everywhere – cheesy synth brass, South Seas guitar and sunny harmonies. While Fou Nature’s earlier single “Love Come Down” had a more mainstream pop sound, “It’s Our Party” is more niche.

The “It’s Our Party” video takes places at a backyard party. And unlike the Feelers’ crammed party in their “Anniversary” vid, Fou Nature’s shindig has a lot more room to move. I mean, if you’re going to dance, you want room to dance, right?

It’s an all-ages function, with kids chugging back cans of Coca-Cola, basketball tricks, dancing (of course) and sepia-tone group portraits. Feleti from Nesian Mystik shows up to perform a rap, which nicely brings in the sound of New Zealand-Polynesian pop and hip hop.

We only briefly see the group performing the song. Most of the time it’s just shots of partygoers. And there’s no attempt to turn this humble backyard party into a massive rave to look good in the video. Mostly it’s just groups of people standing around, enjoying the company and the long table full of food.

Best bit: the kids who all chug down cans of Coke together.

Ngฤ Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a buzzy-as game of badminton.

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