Pluto “Bananas In The Mist”

2001-pluto-bananas-in-the-mistPluto pack a lot into this video, showing a day in the life of a glam metal band. The band lives in a Monkees-like house, all sleeping in the same bedroom. They wake up looking fairly ordinary but soon transform themselves into gödz of glam.

They head off for a photoshoot, then jump on some toy scooters and go hooning around Auckland, including an arduous trek up Mount Eden. Then it’s over the Haslett Street-Waima Street overbridge (and I need to note that this is the second Pluto video that has been shot outside an old flat of mine).

They spill off their scooters, but some comedy sexy nurses come to their rescue. And then it’s off for a skinnydip, which lands them in jail. They escape, though, and are shown fleeing from the actual police headquarters in Auckland.

Their limo driver comes to the rescue, transporting them off to their gig where a crowd of screaming fans awaits. Only their fans are more interested in the limo, piling in and hooning away, leaving the glam boys alone and dejected on New North Road.

The song itself is a bit average, but the video, an antipodoean descendant of “A Hard Day’s Night”, is much more interesting, an alternate reality where Pluto are the hottest glam band in Eden Terrace.

Best bit: the expertly executed photoshoot lip-bite.

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