DLT featuring Rascalz “Can’t Be Stopped”

2000-dlt-cant-be-stoppedDLT teams up with Canadian hip hop group Rascalz. I’m guessing that the trans-Pacific collaboration might be why neither DLT nor the Rascalz properly appear in the video.

Instead it’s a combination of animation and live action footage of skateboarding. The animation is pretty basic, and it reminds me of the sort of thing that students of today knock out in their first year of animation school. It doesn’t seem such a wise choice to have an animation of a dude doing an ollie off stairs, then showing a clip of the real (and far more awesome) thing shortly afterwards.

More successful is an animation of some dudes spraying a massive graffiti mural on a wall. It’s a work in progress throughout the video, and is revealed near the end to be an impressive piece.

The rest of the video is animation of hip hop dancers, fisheye film of skaters doing ramp tricks, and occasionally we even see the man himself, DLT.

This is the second DLT video where the guest MCs haven’t been able to appear in the video and I think it’s suffering for it. The “Chains” video was so powerful with Che Fu’s presence in it. There’s just something that a human being does that animated people can’t.

Best bit: the bad-ass graffitists spraying the camera, heist movie style.

Next… a fine day in the suburbs.

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