The Datsuns “Super Gyration”

2000-the-datsuns-super-gyrationIt wasn’t until 2002 when the Datsuns struck rock ‘n’ roll gold, but right from their early days, they were determined to be much more than just some band from Cambridge. “Super Gyration” was their first release, issued only on 7-inch vinyl. The accompanying video was directed by fellow Waikato pal Greg Page, who went with a grunty cars ‘n’ rock dudes theme.

The video kicks off with a tachometer that’s revving to the rhythm of the song. And then: “Come on! Rock ‘n’ roll!” Suddenly we meet the band, performing in a garage full of old hot rods courtesy of the Ooga Boys hot rod club – and there’s even an old Datsun in there. The band all have relatively short hair, having not reached the follicular splendour of later years.

Greg Page has always been good at capturing bands’ live energy and he does this well with the Datsuns. This doesn’t feel like a band who have been told to go crazy for the music video; it’s more like they’re just doing what they always do.

About halfway through the song quietens down a bit so the band go and have rest in the break room of the Onehunga panel beater where the video was shot. In there the camera slowly rotates around the room, and apart from a strategically placed record cover, it doesn’t look like much set dressing has gone on. It’s a really blokey room.

The “Super Gyration” video is a perfect introduction to the Datsuns, setting themselves up as a band of young dudes who just want to rock out and impress the ladies.

Best bit: shots of the individual band members posing next to the cars.

Director: Greg Page
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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