D-Super “We Ride Tonight”

2000-d-super-we-ride-tonightI don’t think this video actually had NZ On Air funding, but it was on the list at one stage. There are no NZOA logos on the video and it looks cheap as, so I’d guess the funding didn’t end up happening. But I’m going to include it because it’s a good example of life outside the world of funded videos.

So yeah, it looks cheap, probably shot on a home video camera. The video opens with one of two impressive shots in the video. It’s a panorama of gloriously bland suburban Wellington, but things get wobbly after that. The camera zooms in on a new house (probably of the leaky-home vintage), and we cut to the interior of what is obviously a much older house.

In this old villa, we see the band getting out of bed, getting ready for the day. Or the night, given the song title. Outside the lawn is tidied up, with a nice daisy decapitated with some weed eater action.

All the shots have weird cropping, with missing heads and unusual close-ups. But I’m willing to consider that this might have been something that happened while getting the video online. On the other hand, it does fit the general aesthetic of the video.

We also see the band performing inside the nice living room of the house. And they’re smoking indoors, which is just gross. The thing is, it’s a really good song, a sneery rock number. It should have had a much better video.

The video ends with the second good shot – a bicycle-riding band member stands in front of the Greek Orthodox Church on Hania Street and stares at it as ominous black clouds roll behind it. Let’s pretend it’s all highly symbolic.

Best bit: the two dudes on the deck, chuckling at the senseless daisy slaughter.

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