Pluto “Hey Little”


Pluto are an unusual band. They always seemed to be stuck between singles-driven pop and album-driven rock. “Hey Little” was their first single, a sweet acoustic ode of the joys of early childhood. But just in case you thought they were soft, the video begins with a close-up, slow-mo shot of lead singer (and former child actor) Milan Borich chugging back a glass of whisky.

The video starts with a drive along Mount Eden Road. We get a sped-up dashboard view from the Normanby Road intersection, towards Mount Eden village before – spookily enough – it stops in traffic right outside the flat where I ended up living two years later. Whoa.

The car ends up at the house of a little kid (who would now be a young teenager). I think he might be the offspring of one band. There’s a backyard party with Pluto and pals, shot in comfortingly grainy back and white. It feels like that moment when friends start having kids and social gatherings start becoming more daytime affairs with sensible bedtimes.

We get glimpses of Pluto rehearsing, as well as a low-key gig at the King’s Arms. But mostly when we see the band, it’s just the individual dudes hanging out. It feels like an effort to introduce the band as people, rather than as a rock unit – and certainly not as a live band.

Best bit: the kid’s headbutt of the camera.

Director: Milan Borich

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